Major Differences Between CVD Method vs HPHT Method of Lab Grown Diamond To know


Engagement day is a very special day in a person's life. Where the person unities to forever love partner. Where they exchange an incredible gift in form of a ring. There are many choices regarding the ring type and material. Among all the options, lab grown diamond is now considered a good choice for engagement ring. There are other aspects to consider about lab grown diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are also known as a synthetic diamond that is man-made. However, they have the same physical, chemical, optical properties compared with the mined diamond. Both are diamonds of high quality. It is very hard to identify which one is the real one and which one is not. The process of lab grown diamond does not need mining as it can be made in the lab. It is sustainable and eco-friendly.

However, the lab grown diamond can be made of two processes which are HPHT (high pressure high temperature) and CVD (Chemical vapor deposition). There are some major differences between these methods which makes them different.

The 3 key differences between HPHT vs CVD methods are;

  • One of the key differences between HPHT vs CVD is their production process or the way they grow. For example, HPHT diamonds grow in the cuboctahedron shape and have 14 growth directions on the contrary the CVD diamonds grow in cubic and have only 1 growth direction.
  • HPHT method diamonds are more yellowish and brownish color whereas the CVD methods diamond is colorless.
  • As a whole, the HPHT method is very costly as the energy and equipment come in a pricy range and the CVD method is less expensive due to it works at moderate temperature and low pressure.
  • The HPHT method is the original method that was introduced long ago and the CVD method is the latest one that was introduced later after the HPHT method.

Both the methods are unique and efficient in their way. To find out the difference between the methods is a kind of impossible task but both make the diamond looks beautiful and sparkling. 

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