A Comprehensive Guide to Transfer Pricing in Cyprus: What You Need to Know


Transfer pricing is an important concept for businesses to understand. It is a complex process that can be difficult to navigate, especially regarding the specific rules and regulations in Cyprus. This guide is designed to help you understand transfer pricing in Cyprus, covering the various regulations, methods and processes to ensure compliance. It will also provide valuable information on establishing an effective transfer pricing policy and ensuring accurate reporting. Whether you are a business preparing for an audit or simply looking to understand the basics of transfer pricing in Cyprus, this comprehensive guide is the perfect place to start.

The Relevance of Transfer Pricing in Cyprus

Transfer pricing is the methodology used to set the price for goods and services that are traded between related parties. It is also used to determine the price of assets in inter-corporate transactions. In order to ensure a fair and transparent taxation system, countries have implemented transfer pricing regulations. These regulations are designed to ensure that taxpayers report accurate information when trading with related parties.

Transfer Pricing Methods

There are three methods of transfer pricing: comparable uncontrolled price (CUP), resale price (RPM), and cost plus (CP). The method you choose will depend on the specific circumstances of your business. For example, CUP would be the most relevant method if you are purchasing products from an unrelated third-party supplier. Alternatively, RPM or CP would be a more suitable method if you are purchasing from a related party. Certain conditions must be met for each of the three methods. These conditions include: the price paid must be between related parties, and the assets must be long-term assets.

Transfer Pricing Penalties

There is no penalty if transfer pricing is done correctly but there is a penalty if it is done incorrectly. If a company is audited and found guilty of incorrect transfer pricing, the auditor will most likely require them to file a Notice of Proposed Assessment. The company then has to pay the amount due in installments or as a lump-sum payment.

Resources for Transfer Pricing in Cyprus

Transfer pricing is an essential concept for businesses to understand in Cyprus. This guide will help you understand the regulations, methods, and processes of the topic. It is designed to be a helpful resource for businesses looking to understand transfer pricing in Cyprus.

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